What an amazing place. Where to begin? From the sustainable and ecofriendly concept to the nice food and great people – everything was perfect. We loved it so much! This family cares about the environment and about you as a person. We stayed there for 6 Days and we became part of this wonderful family. They showed us the lovely farm, we had bonfires, surprise dinners and nice evenings together. We learned so much about their concept and their fruits and plants. The huts are so beautiful! Of course in the beginning it is a bit scary to have an open hut in the jungle. But after the first night, you wake up with the sounds of nature! It is unbelievable. You get used to it and it’s one of our favorite experiences from 1 year of traveling. They have natural einsect protection. So we had no problems and slept like babies 😉 The people there put their heart in soul in this project! they give you amazing Tipps for El Nido (away from the crowds!) and they support the locals. We can’t thank them enough for all the things we learned, the most tasty fruits and the best Filipino food.
We will definitely come back. thank you for everything!

+63 966 442 8654
[email protected]